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Doughmakers 9" Square Cake Pan (10241)

Doughmakers 9

Doughmakers 9" Square Cake Pan (10241)

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Product Details

Doughmakers square cake pan. 9-Inch by 9-inch square cake pan made of heavy gauge aluminum. Patented pebble design allows for easy release and even cooking. Doughmaker's cookie sheets and pans have several advantages: Made of solid, heavy-gauge aluminum with a shiny surface that reflects heat around the food for even baking & even browning. The patented textured "Pebble" surface allows air to flow around your baked goods for even browning and an easy, non-stick release. Made with handles for easy in-an-out of hot ovens. Formed with high, straight sides for better cakes. Pan measures 9" x 9".

  • Heavy gauge aluminum
  • 9-inch by 9-inch cake pan
  • Patented pebble pattern